Weistec Engineering Launches Direct Current Engineering

Whatever your hot take is on EV cars in the modding industry, they have arrived and every year, more and more brands are popping up on the scene to answer the demand. Sliding in just before the New Year, one of our favourite brands, Euro tuning king Weistec Engineering has launched their new division; Direct Current Engineering (DCE). Their mission, in their own words is "To enhance the experience of electric vehicles without compromising reliability and drivability."

To get the show started, Weistec has partnered up with Optima Batteries to take on the Rivian RT1 Truck and RS1 SUV. 

This is an exciting new era in car culture and we're happy to see the modding industry jumping in and providing some aftermarket support for these exciting new vehicles. 

In the market for Rivian parts? Hit us up and let's talk parts 🙌

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