Considering we have both a summer and winter set of Kansei Wheels on our DSG BRZ, it's no surprise we're fans of this wheel brand. Not only have we had some great feedback and experience with their creations, but we love their mission of modernizing old school JDM designs to fit todays cars. Last week, their burgeoning model line up grew by one more with the release of the NEO wheel. 

Here's what Kansei themselves had to say about it: 

Brand new from Kansei is our latest debut featuring a bold and flared split 6 spoke Neo! Heavy in style as well as stout in performance we are proud to offer our 5th new wheel design to our line up.

This audacious full faced design brings another massively concave wheel to Kansei's Formlite line up! The Neo is a robust design that incorporates all of the features Kansei is known for when producing tried and true drift wheel.

With its Formlite (Flow Formed) barrel construction, pocketed mounting pad,reinforced inner lip, and massive caliper clearances the Neo is ready to thrash as well as clean up for the street!

Additionally, the Neo is now offered in more offsets than ever for our 18" line up (finally a 10.5" +22!). Available 3 distinct finishes: Matte Grey Metallic, Gloss White, as well as Real Chrome.

Exciting stuff! Right now the NEO is available for pre-order slated to ship January 2023!

DSG Performance is an authorized Kansei Wheels Dealer. Hit us up to place your pre order. 

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