DSG Tesla Model 3 Project Car

We've got to admit, after so much time in the aftermarket industry, modifying gas cars, it was kind of weird when we began our Model 3 project but we got used to real quick thanks to a few of our close partners including of course, DSG's own; Andrew Hoffman (AKA @vsp0li)

We began with Startech USA. A subdivision of none other than Brabus, Startech produces high quality aero, suspension and wheels for some of the finest vehicles in the world. They supplied us with their full body kit, carbon accessories and lowering springs. That was a hell of a start. 

We then moved on to wheels. With the help of Plaza Performance, we outfitted the Model 3 with a set of Blaque Diamond BD F20 shoes. With the help of the Startech Lowering springs, things were looking nice and flush! 

We also found the steering wheel bland so we brought in Carbon Prestige to doll it up with a flat bottom carbon fiber upgrade. 

All in all, this build has been super fun and we can't wait to show you what we do next. DSG Performance is a Startech authorized Dealer so don't hesitate to contact us for your own body kit! 

Some honorable mentions also include: DLX Detailing, Mad Tune Performance, JMA Racing and Autokosmetix. 

dsg performance project tesla model 3
dsg performance project tesla model 3
DSG Performance Project Tesla Model 3
dsg performance project tesla model 3

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