KANSEI x SARA CHOI dsg performance

You've likely seen by now that wheel specialist Kansei launched their new NEO wheel. As usual, they knocked it out of the park but this time around, they did things a little different. They've teamed up with influencer Sara Choi to help introduce the NEO and so far, we're loving the collab. We spoke to Chris Sempek of Kansei to get their take on this new partnership. 
"Sara is great, she was the perfect candidate to showcase our new wheel with a radical new video concept some producer friends had pitched to me. 

Her drift RX7 was being totally redone and rewrapped so it was fitting to get some new wheels on there as well. It all came together with great timing to launch her new look. 

She is now a sponsored driver for Kansei and helped tremendously to get us into some new circles. That's her driving in the video as well, she crushed it!"

It looks like Sara and Kansei aren't parting ways any time soon and we can't wait to see what comes next. 

In the meantime, checkout Kansei's launch video starring Sarah herself!

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