New AMS Performance Carbon Intakes For S55 M3/M4

AMS Performance M3/M4 Carbon Intakes DSG Performance Mod Blog

AMS Performance just released their new intake for the F80/F82/F83 M3 & M4 and we have to say, it's long overdue. AMS makes some killer parts backed by loads of testing and there's lots of M3 & M4's out there in need of a solid CAI. Designed to draw a higher volume of cold air into the stock turbochargers. With this intake installed, the factory plastic airboxes and plastic intake tubes are replaced with motorsport grade carbon fiber components and dry media air filters.

When installing these intakes, you can expect a whopping 27% increase in airflow efficiency, boosting power capability. 

One of the shining features in this intake system is the fact that the air box has been designed to seal out blistering engine bay temperatures. 

Simply put, when it comes to AMS Products, the performance is in the numbers. 


We're in the process of adding this to the DSG Site but in the meantime, contact us to pick this system up for yourself!

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