Our Teams' Spring Mod Picks

dsg team's top spring mod picks dsg performance
We thought we smelled spring for a second but down came more snow and cold weather. Nevertheless, spring is just around the corner and it's time to get your car spring ready.
We asked some of the team what they would mod they would get if they can choose one and only one for spring. Here's what they chose!
dsg team's top spring mod picks dsg performance

Jason: ADRO Swan Neck Wings 

Jason selected the ADRO Swan Neck Wing for his go to spring mod and there's no surprise as to why. Aside from dashing aesthetics, this wing's Formula 1 heritage is evident. Its compositional design is 45% lighter than aluminum, while the upright engineering maximizes aerodynamic efficiency and minimizes air resistance. 

ADRO's BMW M3 AT-R3 Dual Element Wing is crafted from prepreg carbon fiber and offers over 277.7 pounds of downforce at 110 mph, making sure weight savings are at their peak.

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dsg team's top spring mod picks dsg performance

Sean: Seibon Carbon Fiber Hoods

Sean went with one of our best selling Seibon items, their carbon hoods. With 20 years of carbon forging experience, Seibon Carbon components are carefully hand-crafted using only the finest materials. Every component is constructed with a consistent weave pattern, trust us, this isn't always the case. This is due to the production process which allows exceptional carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also leads to extra strength. Seibon also meticulously inspects all of their components before they head out. 

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dsg team's top spring mod picks dsg performance

Mike: Vossen HF-5 Wheels

Mike LOVES Vossen's wheels and his favourite is the HF-5. 

The HF-5 is a Hybrid Forged wheel, derived from its forged counterpart, the S21-01. With pocketed spokes and an aggressive Y-pattern, the HF-5 is available in 2 standard finishes and custom finishes.

The robotic custom HF program allows for personalized fitments and bolt patterns, specific to most 5-lug vehicle makes or models.

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dsg team's top spring mod picks dsg performance

Peter: ARK DT-S Exhausts

Peter chose his all time favourite exhaust. The ARK DT-S Exhaust is forged from T304 Stainless Steel and welded to perfection. The sound is where ARK really excels. The harmony of the signature ARK Performance mufflers with Helmholtz technology provides all the best sounds while leaving out the drone. 

Beautifully crafted mandrel bends and x-pipe provide a true and even flow that is hard to match anywhere else. Each exhaust system comes with tip finishes and options that provide that perfect accent to any vehicle.

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That about wraps it up! What would be your top mod pick for spring? Reach out and let us know! 

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