We recently finished up shooting what will perhaps be some of the best content DSG will have ever released. Ever. With the help of some truly talented photographers and videographers, we head documented the installation of the first few parts which have arrived for our DSG BRZ Build. This included the ARK Performance DT-S Cat-back Exhaust with Burnt Tips & Test Pipe, The Torque Solution Short Shifter w/Rear Bushing and at the last moment, we acquired the near 2lb (I LOVE heavy shift knobs) Raceseng Brushed Rondure Shift Knob. 

While all of us here at DSG planned this build together, this direction is a personal passion of mine. We were very careful on the parts we chose to put on our little blue coupe and so far, every single one of them have exceeded my expectations. The point of this build is driving fun. Pure and simply. I wanted a functional coupe I could drive year round with pieces that accentuated what the BRZ already does so well. The ARK Exhaust is gorgeous but understated, its tone is aggressive yet clean and the burnt tips add a dash of color. The torque solution short shifter, a part that happens to be one of my favourite modifications is truly a marvel of its category. Shifting now, is a lot like pumping a shotgun. The Raceseng shift knob is one beast of a knob with crazy weight and an excellent feel. 

Not only would I like to give a major shout out to these companies for supporting our build but I’d also like to give one to our media team; Cody Pomkoski, Toby Marzell & Ameer Ally, a group of truly talented young people who love their craft. 

We are VERY excited to show you what we’ve got and it’ll be live before you know. Stay tuned folks, for DSG’s next journey. 

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