We've been talking about it since the first teaser image but now it's out and they're already going quick! The Fortune Auto Generation 7 Coilover Platform is the suspension specialists latest release and while there is lots of excitement, we thought we would take the time to share exactly why this new generation is such an achievement and what you can expect from it. 

*Cracks fingers. Let's begin shall we? One of Fortune Auto's claim to fame features was their adjustability and they still sit as the kings of adjustability today. Fortune Auto has also made a number of improvements to their design including: 

Redesigned Black Milled Aluminum Components

Aluminum components on the new Gen 7 platform are designed for optimal efficiency by maximizing weight savings WITHOUT compromising integrity. Radial bearings are black milled along with completely redesigned perches, standard locking spring perches, aluminum camber bolt sleeves and bow tie style aluminum pillowball housings. Almost all components are now lighter. 

American Made Premium Chrome Silicon Springs

All new Gen 7 Coils will utilize American Made Premium Chrome Silicon Springs which will be available standard. You can also upgrade to Swift Springs or HyperCo Springs. 

Aluminum Camber Bolt Sleeves

Aesthetic anodized aluminum to dress up your engine bay.

Pretty impressive right? Don't worry, we're not done! What follows is a few other notable improvements made to the Gen 7 Platform: 

  • Radial Bearings are now standard
  • Locking Spring Perches are now standard
  • Aluminum Camber Bolt Sleeves
  • Flow Digressive Piston Technology

That's about it guys! Now, for those who don't know, remember, the DSG Edition Coilovers will be adopting the Generation 7 Platform as of last week! 




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