Week of The Wheels: Day 1 - VOLK TE37 SL

A big part of any build and therefore of DSG, are the right set of wheels. The right set varies with each person and with each build BUT it all starts with making sure they're well built, light and durable and that's what we'll be helping you with this week. For the next 7 days, we'll be naming our favourite wheel from each brand. One a day, all week long. 

Today, we begin the week of the wheels with the godfather of classic JDM wheels. The Volk TE37SL (Super Laps). 

volk te37sl dsg performance

Designed as a replacement to the original TE37, the TE37 Super Lap, or TE37 SL features a design that is even lighter than the originals. Purpose built with lower weight and price savings in mind, Rays Wheels took an already accomplished design in the TE37 and reduced the overall material required by shaving down key areas of the wheels that would not affect the structural rigidity or strength. The result is a wheel that in 18x10.5 sizing is roughly 400grams lighter to the comparably same sized TE37, all with the same iconic looks.

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