How To: Jazz Up Your Engine Bay with Titanium Bolts


How To: Jazz Up Your Engine Bay with Titanium Bolts

As modders, we're always looking for that next mod, something to bring our builds to the next level and often times, that next mod may not be something big. Sometimes, a lot of small things may just make the difference between getting that best in show trophy or heading home empty handed. 

Enter titanium bolts. These babies come in many colours. (one of our favourites being burnt) Replace all those lame bolts in your engine bay and body kit with these babies, and those judges will be singing a whole new tune. 

Who, That is The Question

So the question is, what bolts are we using? Well, only one option in our eyes that provide quality craftsmanship, style and fair pricing, Dress Up Bolts. Not longer after these guys hit the market, DSG because an authorized dealer and it's just been awesome seeing so many builds level up their aesthetic from these titanium add ons. 

You already know about bolts but let's talk about this bustling brand. 

Designed To Outlast You

These bolts are made from 5 Grade Titanium. Why does that matter? Well, let's just say, you can say goodbye to the days of struggling to remove a corroded bolt like your Ethan Hunt hanging from cable, 3mm from the ground. You can screw these bolts on and off with ease, saving valuable time you can use on, say, we don't know, shopping for more parts on DSG 😎


Stay Covered with a Lifetime Warranty

Dress up bolts doesn't just save you money by pricing their products fairly. They're so confident in the craftsmanship of their products that they're give you a lifetime to exchange them due to manufacturing defects or colour failure. 


Levelled Up Style 

One of the more obvious benefits of upgrading to a quality, colour coded set of bolts is that you'll be leveling up your build's aesthetic whether it be in the engine bay, on your new widebody kit or even, on your APR Wing. Yep, you read right, DUB even makes bolts for APR Wings, one of the best in the business. 


We'd go on but we both know you're convinced. Head to our store and grab yourself a set today. Most style are in stock! 

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