Three Best Selling Black Rhino Wheels

In the past few years, we've seen Black Rhino rise significantly in popularity and to be honest, we can understand why. Not only does Black Rhino know how to design a fine looking wheel but they've got one to suit every taste, from cast to flowform to fully forged, Black Rhino allows you to tailor your set up to suit any build.
The question is, which model to choose? Well, here's our top 3 best selling ones!

three best selling black rhino wheels dsg performance

Black Rhino Arches Wheel

The Black Rhino Arches features a monoblock construction and multi-spoke concave design, intended to radicalize your ride's style for every adventure. Choose from a variety of sizes including 15", 17", 18" and 20" diameters and offsets ranging from -18mm to +30mm. For color, you've got three classic finishes, including Matte Brushed Gunmetal, Bronze and Matte Black. 

Black Rhino FUJI Wheel

The Black Rhino Fuji monoblock wheel is inspired by the off-road wheels on Dakar Rally support trucks.Available in 17” sizes exclusively, the Black Rhino Fuji features a perfect blend of heavy-duty performance and stunning visual cues for modern 5-lug and 6-lug off-road and overland rigs. The Black Rhino Fuji is offered in four standard finishes: Olive Drab Green, Gloss White, Matte Gunmetal and Matte Black.


Black Rhino Boxer Wheel

The motorsport-inspired off-road Boxer wheel is right at home on your Crosstrek and Legacy as well as your WRX and Forester.The Boxer features a purposefully crafted rally ring that protects the valve stem while enhancing strength and preventing wheel deformation from outside forces. Available in 15"-18" diameters, 5-lug bolt patterns and offsets ranging from +15mm to +40mm.


That's a wrap! Curious about the best selling models for other brands? Let us know! 


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