Welcome back one and all to Episode 2 of the DSG In Car Review. In this DSG Exclusive video series, we delve into what some of the industry's best parts are like on a daily driver like our DSG Project BRZ. Sound, cops, power, neighbours, you name it, we take you through what life is like when rocking parts like the one in this episode.

In Episode 2, we're reviewing the ARK Performance DT-S Exhaust System. I think finding the right exhaust for our BRZ was one of the longest searches we've made for this project and even with all the research, you're always a bit nervous about whether you've made the right choice. 

Luckily, not only did things work out but ARK came through for us big time, hooking us up with the DT-S BRZ/FR-S Exhaust as well as the test pipe. Now, for those who don't know, we daily drive this BRZ right into Canadian winters. We've actually been driving with the ARK system since the end of this winter so we've had ample time to really put this thing through its paces. 

So, there's only one thing left to do, hit that play button! 

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