The Key To ARMYTRIX's Success


You’ve likely had the auditory pleasure of hearing an ARMYTRIX exhaust in one of their killer videos or better yet, in person, you may also have noticed that most of their exhaust systems have the word VALVETRONIC in it. This word is the key to what makes ARMYTRIX such a special brand. So, why is it a big deal? Today, we’ll be answering that question. 

The world Valvetronic has become synonymous with ARMYTRIX. It’s a feature that many other players in the industry have shifted to do, thanks in no small part to these guys. The idea of Valvetronic is seeded in control. The ability to control the sound of your exhaust system. We’ve all experienced that gut wrenching feeling of wanting to toss your stock exhaust for something more aggressive but that doesn’t mean that every driving moment calls for it. Sometimes, a more low key tone is called for and that’s what Valvetronic brings to the table, control. 

This handy features allows you to jump between low key and all out madness at the touch of a button via remote or app. If you drive your car more than just at the track, you know how useful Valvetronic can be. It works by tapping into a vacuum source on your engine and connecting it to the control module. That means that when you hit that button, you are essentially communicating with the OBDII Module via bluetooth. It speaks to your exhaust, telling it to allow the engine vacuum to open or close that valve. You can even set the valve to automatic which opens and closes depending on RPM range or throttle position, set by you. 

A little bonus comes in for those who’s cars are turbocharged. The Valvetronic system can actually lead to a small increase in boost pressure depending on the modifications and tune, resulting in more HP. 

There are many things that make ARMYTRIX a contender for your exhaust wish list but none more essential than Valvetronic. Gain the ability to choose what you need, in the moment. 

DSG Performance is an Authorized ARMYTRIX Dealer. 

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