Streetfighter LA :: The Next Thing in Aero

Chances are, you've heard of this new brand already considering the insane amount of exposure their cars have been getting BUT, in case you've been living under an aftermarket rock, here's who Streetfighter LA is and here's why they're the next BIG thing in aero. 

The Father & Son Shop

Lee (Father) and I were having a chat on the phone last night and I asked him what the story behind SFLA was. I asked how this brand that seems to be taking the industry by storm over night came to be. The first thing he told me was that it's a father son venture. Started by his Son's passion for modifying cars, Dylan has been a true bred modifier before he even got his first car, he was modifying decks and bikes before he got his license. Lee, father, designer and business end is the reason why these kits function and fit so well. 

Track Tested


It doesn't hurt to have real world proof on your side. It hasn't been long but SFLA has wasted no time making their chops on the track, most notably, at Formula Drift. 

It's All In The Name

SFLA says everything you need to know about this up and comer. Lee puts an awesome aftermarket spin on the word Streetfighter, describing it as a competitive modifier, always looking to improve and top the cars around them. 

Suffice to say, we fell in love with this brand (and their Evo X widebody kit), the second we came across them and we're proud to be an Authorized Streetfighter La Dealer. 








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