Best of The X Part 5: Wheels

Welcome back folks to Part 5 of The DSG Best of The X Series. You’re going to like this one. Today, Jason and I (Eran) will be telling you what our all time favourite wheels are for the beloved Evo X. Let's get rolling (I'm all over these puns)


First up is the Weds TC105X Wheel. The shoe chosen by our own Jason Hempey. Here's what he's got to say. "But for wheels, my choice is the TC105X. Lighter and as strong or stronger than a lot of forged wheels at 2x the price, and I've always been a huge fan of multi spoke, it suits pretty much any car. Also, the new color on the TC105X is really nice (the darker gunmetal)"


Now, our second selection by me (Eran Dahan), may not surprise you since they're currently sitting on the DSG OG Project Varis EVO X. That's right, we can't do a wheels series of Best of The X without the Volk TE37SL's, the mother of all classics. Designed as a replacement to the original TE37, the TE37 Super Lap, or TE37SL features a design that is even lighter than the originals. Purpose built with lower weight and price savings in mind, Rays Wheels took an already accomplished design in the TE37 and reduced the overall material required by shaving down key areas of the wheels that would not affect the structural rigidity or strength. The result is a wheel that in 18x10.5 sizing is roughly 400grams lighter to the comparably same sized TE37, all with the same iconic looks. I think we can all agree that the EVO X is a beefy sedan, which calls for a set of beefy wheels. TE37 all the way. 

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