We've had our eye on an exceptional wheel brand for some time now and not long ago, we became an authorized dealer. That brand is Titan 7. These guys employ an incredibly meticulous process to crafting their forged wheels and they do it all in house, that's right, no outsourcing, whatsoever. That being said, this description is only a very small and simplified version of how talented this brand truly is at making wheels. 

Now, we would go further into it right here but it seems BM Blog; BuildJournal has done it for us with an impressively in depth review. 

Now if you're on the fence about whether this review is worth your time, allow us to tell you a bit more about this blog. Started by a true enthusiast and BMW E46 M3 owner, BuildJournal exhibits comprehensive DIY guides, reviews, news, tech guides and videos.

They also tune S54 engines and code F30 vehicles but their reason for only tuning those 2 is my favourite part. "Why only those 2? Well, because, that's what I personally drive." 

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