ARK Performance Joins The DSG Line Up (Again)

ARK Performance Joins The DSG Line Up (Again) 15 Years ago, ARK Performance hit the scene with some outstanding exhaust system technology. About 9 years ago, yours truly decided to take them on and ended up bringing their new (at the time) Quiet Catback Exhaust into the Evo X community. Lots happened after that but we won’t bore you with the details. The important thing is ARK Performance has rejoined the DSG Line Up on the latest version of our website. We’ve got lots of history with the Korean brand and after a new round of brand reviews, we knew it was time to provide ARK to more car applications than ever. 

So, the big question, what makes ARK Performance special? 


When it comes to the science of steel, ARK knows their way around a pipe. All of their systems are handcrafted from T304 Stainless Steel composing of thicker sidewalls which results in increased strength without any heavy weight gains. 


The technology behind an exhaust system is important, after all, it’s no small part BUT when it sings the right tune, oh man, let’s just say you shouldn’t empty the bank upgrading your whip to a new sound system, trust us, you won’t need it. Thanks to their unique, signature cores using Helmholtz technology, you get a sound that you you’ll never hear come out of a stereo and you’ll get it with far less cabin drone than the competition without a sacrifice in performance. 


There’s nothing more admirable than a brand that has mastered its craft. It knows the science behind what it takes to build a truly fantastic product and it knows how to execute it. When it comes to build, ARK is one of those brands. All the bends in their exhausts are mandrel bent to maintain tensile strength and mechanical properties resulting in smooth exhaust flow. ARK’s signature x-pipe, developed in house, takes it up a notch, providing a truly even flow few can match.

For The Subtle & The Bold

Another thing we really like about ARK is their focus, they provide only what they can guarantee which luckily, includes options for both the understated enthusiast and the bold one. The DT-S is for those seeking a clean refined tone while the GRiP & N-II exhaust is for those with a more aggressive and raw style in mind. 

We would tell you that we’re your go to guys for anything ARK but I think we just proved it with everything above. Gives a call today, and let’s talk exhausts.​

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