About Dress Up Bolts

Since 2010, Dress Up Bolts has utilized their addiction to detail to craft titanium hardware kits tailored for the automotive enthusiast. The brand's commitment to precision is evident throughout its extensive product range.

Crafted exclusively from Grade 5 Titanium, Dress Up Bolts' kits are renowned for their strength, lightweight design, and corrosion resistance. Each kit includes detailed instructions, ensuring straightforward installation for customers. The brand's array of color options undergoes rigorous UV and durability testing to ensure peak performance in any environment.

Dress Up Bolts prides itself on innovation, pioneering vehicle-specific hardware kits and introducing industry-first features. The incorporation of well nuts into widebody hardware sets a new standard for sealing capabilities, surpassing traditional rivnuts. Additionally, Dress Up Bolts' commitment to accessibility is demonstrated through the development of a bolt gauge tool and tutorial, making premium hardware accessible for a wide range of projects.

The brand's relentless pursuit of excellence has led to significant achievements. With the largest selection of titanium colors in the industry, Dress Up Bolts continues to expand its hardware catalog, offering over 170 vehicle-specific kits with ongoing development. Recent endeavors include the creation of hardware kits for popular aftermarket parts like AeroCatch hood pins, TiAL BOVs, ARP Wings, and more. The range has been further expanded to include additional hardware sizes, including self-tapping screws, providing comprehensive solutions for diverse needs.

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