The 3 Best Mods for Beginners

New to the mod world? Well, settle in, this post is for you. One of the main questions when getting into this world is, where do I start? Considering the plethora of options available to you, that's a very reasonable question. Let us answer it for you. 

What you want when beginning your modding journey is to build a solid foundation with parts that make a noticeable difference right out of the gate. 
Looking for those big fat power gainz? Don't worry about that just yet. When building up the foundation of your build, power is more of a combo game than a one part, big change deal. So, let's get moving shall we? 

Catback Exhaust System

Ah yes, you all know this one. It's one of the main things you hear when some gorgeous whip pulls off right in front of you. Catback exhaust systems are an excellent start. Depending on the exhaust, they're good for a 15-20HP boost and the updated sound will keep a smile on your face for years. Installation is also easy and breezy with a 45 min - 1 hr average install time with no ancillary parts needing to be installed. Brands like AWE, ARK PerformanceAkrapovic and more are infamous for making quality exhausts. 

Air Intake System

A good air intake system could make a big difference for a myriad of reasons, the most notable ones begin with its namesake, cold air. Your engine LOVES cold air and a quality intake delivers on that need allowing your whip to produce more power and in some cases, improve fuel consumption. While an exhaust system may improve sound, so does an air intake and it does it up front. Combine these two mods and you've got yourself a very sexy sounding car. 


While the intake and exhaust add some power and level up your sound, suspension does two different things. It vastly improves the handling of your ride as well as makes an enormous aesthetic difference.  Now, normally, we would have specified coilovers but while many people go for this option, it strongly depends on your driving habits and purposes. Looking for strictly street driving without to aggressive of a drop? Lowering springs would likely suit you better. Looking for a more intense performance uptick as well as height adjustability? Coilovers are what you need. Finally, if you're looking for a more show car set up, air suspension offers you near unlimited remote adjustability as well as a drop so aggressive, your car's best left in park when dropped that low. (hence the advantage for a show car). 

Well there you have it folks. 3 unbeatable mods for beginners. Let's get started 🚀

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