AMS Performance recently dropped by DSG HQ to shoot a new video for their Dealer Drop in Series. Here's what they had to say before you hit that play button! 

"Watch as DSG's Founders, Sean and Eran give you an inside look at DSG's humble beginnings from 12 years ago. Listen as they describe how, with an entrepreneurial approach, have been able to get their customers the lowest prices on the most sought after components in the industry.

At DSG curation goes to the very heart of their DNA. Through creative multidisciplinary storytelling they are able to deliver each brand's message effectively to the community. With exciting new initiatives like their "Build Division," and crafting innovative multi-media messaging DSG is poised for a meteoric rise to the performance stratosphere. Stay tuned for more news from DSG and AMS soon."

DSG Performance is an Authorized AMS Dealer.

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