DSG Grit Series: Prep Work Commences Before DrivenShow Toronto 2019

We know, we know. It's been a while but we're back with an update on our first Grit Series Feature. None other than DSG's very own, Jason Hempey and his FD RX-7. Last time, we left off with a video interview with the man of the hour on the comically painful speed bumps he hit on his road to RX-7 perfection. Today, we're at Roberto Simoniello Capro's Paint Shop getting Jason's RX-7 prepped for her big debut at the 2019 DrivenShow in Toronto. It'll be the first time you or the public sees Jason's project in all her coupe glory. 

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DSG GRIT Series: Interview with Jason Hempey (Video)

We consider ourselves pretty lucky at DSG, to be surrounded with so many passionate individuals who not only help others achieve their car dreams but actually invest quite a bit toward their own as well. This brings us to part 1 of our DSG GRIT Series. 

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