StreetFighter LA Chevrolet Camaro GEN 6 Wide Body Kit


The StreetFigher LA Wide Body Kit for the 2016+ Gen 6 Camaro is an excellent upgrade for those looking to amp up their style. Available in 3 options: Base Kit, Full Kit and Aero Kit. Manufactured of FRP. 

Streetfighter LA Gen 6 Chevy Camaro aftermarket bodykits are the perfect way to turn your classic high-performance car into an ultra-muscle beast.

The rear flares help give it a more aggressive look and better handling. The setup allows for upgrades in traction, launch speed, or even just aesthetic appeal (a top look!) as you can install larger wheels without worrying about interference with other components. The increased traction and airflow-optimized design, wider stance, and added stability make this a great modification choice!

An aggressive rear spoiler is THE right look if you’re wanting to turn heads, put emphasis on that sweet back end while pushing downforce to the wheels.

The Chevrolet Gen 6 Camaro Wide Body Kit by StreetFighter LA provides the best quality for your modification journey and is the perfect solution to your kit needs.


  • Designed by master automotive designer XIX
  • Flares are an important aspect for adding solid expansion for improved torque, wider wheels improved aerodynamics, and overall better stance
  • The rear setup allows a strong wheel and tire upgrade providing greatly improved traction and launch
  • Optional rear spoiler adds strong downforce to the rear, pushes it directly to the wheels, and visually muscles-up the OEM design

Camaro (LS/LT/SS) Base Kit Includes:

  • Front Flares (2)
  • Rear Flares (2)
  • Optional FRP or Carbon Rear Spoiler 

Camaro (LS/LT/SS) Full Kit Includes:

  • Front Flares (2)
  • Rear Flares (2)
  • Rear Spoiler (1)

Camaro (ZL1) "The Muscle" Kit Includes:

  • FRP Front Flares (2)
  • FRP Rear Flares (2)
  • Carbon Front Canards (2)
  • FRP or Carbon Rear Spoiler (1)
  • Please Note: The ZL1 "The Muscle" kits include front carbon parts/canards made especially for ZL1 owners and will not fit non ZL1 models. 


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