PRL Motorsports 2016-2021 Honda Civic Intercooler Stencil

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PRL Motorsports 2016-2021 Honda Civic Intercooler Stencil


Intercooler Stencil Instructions:

  • Clean and make sure your intercooler is dry.
  • Place the cardboard stencil onto the front of the intercooler (Make sure the intercooler is not upside down, the PRL logo is on the driver's side end tank).
  • It is recommended to tape down the stencil to have a sharp logo and to avoid moving.
  • Mask off or cover the end tanks to avoid overspray.
  • Apply a high temp engine enamel style spray paint (we recommend Duplicolor DE1635 Ford SemiGloss Black, any color can be used).
  • Multiple coats may be needed to have full coverage, this varies per color.
  • Allow to dry 30-60 minutes before installing the intercooler.
  • If any mistakes are made such as runs/overspray acetone or paint thinner can be used to remove any unwanted paint or to remove the stencil entirely, though this will take some time.

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