Dress Up Bolts Titanium Hardware Engine Kit - VG30DE


The VG30DE and VG30DETT Titanium Engine Dress Up Bolts Kit includes 47 pieces total and will include fasteners for the following areas:

Upper Timing Cover - Includes 13 Pieces. It comes with OEM spec shoulder bolts, that do away with those pesky dried-out useless spacers.

CAS/PTU - Includes 7 Pieces. This kit will replace the hardware that secures the CAS, and attaches the PTU. If you have relocated your PTU this kit will fill the holes and look great!

Balance Tube - Includes 5 Pieces. Replaces all of the hardware that secures the balance tube. Please note the nuts supplied in this kit are flange nuts, not Acorn style nuts like OEM. Throttle Body - Includes 8 Pieces. OEM length bolts. This kit replaces the 8 bolts that secure the TB's to the plenum.

Throttle Linkage -Includes 2 OEM length bolts

Coil pack Plate - Includes 12 Pieces. This kit replaces the fasteners that attach the coil pack plates to the plenum.

Available in Colors: Blue, Red, Black, Polished, Gold, Purple and True Burned.

Dress Up Bolts fasteners (bolts, nuts, and washers) are professional race-grade hardware with show car style. Made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium, they provide exceptional high tensile strength, are corrosion resistant, all while being ultra-lightweight.

All of Dress Up Bolts kits come with detailed installation instructions.

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