MSS 17-21 Tesla Model 3 Sports Full Adjustable Kit

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MSS 17-21 Tesla Model 3 Sports Full Adjustable Kit

MSS is an award-winning adjustable modular suspension solution which has been developed and engineered for safety, comfort, and performance. They come with a lifetime warranty. The relatively low initial spring rate absorbs small bumps in the road, thereby increasing grip. It then transitions to a secondary spring rate which enhances vehicle handling during cornering, giving the driver ultimate control during their driving experience. The third and stiffest rate assists by resisting sudden dynamic movements such as during acceleration, braking or swerving to avoid an obstacle. In doing so the vehicle remains composed and traction is retained at each wheel for optimum grip on dry or wet roads. Thanks to its patented Triple Stack Spring Technology, MSS can for the first time deliver im
MSS Tesla Model 3 (Performance, Comfort) fully adjustable modular suspension solution

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