Dress Up Bolts Stage 2 Titanium Hardware Engine Bay Kit - Mitsubishi Evo VIII


Dress Up Bolts Stage 2 Titanium Hardware kit for the Mitsubishi Evo VIII engine bay includes all the hardware in our 38 piece Stage 1 kit plus an additional 37 pieces of hardware to offer a more in-depth and unified hardware engine bay. This kit also includes well nuts to replace the four plastic clip locations on the top of the front bumper.

This 75 piece kit includes bolts, nuts, and washers manufactured from extremely durable, anticorrosive, and lightweight GR5 titanium metal. The entire kit only weighs 0.7lbs!

The kit replaces the visible hardware in the engine bay including:

  • Headlight Mounts
  • Inner Fender
  • Strut Tower
  • Radiator Mounts
  • Hood Hinges
  • Fuse Box
  • Battery Tie Down
  • And More

Additionally, Dress Up Bolts uses a coloring processes that hold up better against environmental elements than traditional anodizing. Available colors: Red, True Burned, Blue, Purple, Polished, Gold, and Black. The kit also comes with instructions that show you where each piece of hardware goes making installation quick and easy.

Dress Up Bolts Mitsubishi Evo 8 Engine Bay

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