Girodisc 4 Wheel Big Brake Kit - Ferrari 308 BBK

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Girodisc 4 Wheel Big Brake Kit - Ferrari 308 BBK

For those individuals looking to get more from their Ferrari 308, Girodisc announces its lightweight Ferrari 308 brake system. The Girodisc brake system is a direct replacement for the OE front rotor and caliper, and the rear rotor. The system is a bolt on, and provides significant weight and brake fade-resistance performance benefits. The front caliper is a forged aluminum four piston Wilwood racing caliper fitted with dirt seals for road use. The front rotor is a two-piece aluminum hat and iron rotor in 310 x 25 mm size. The rear rotor is a direct replacement size for the OE rotor, and utilizes the OE caliper in order to retain the parking brake assembly. The rear rotor is also a floating two piece unit. Kit specific braided stainless steel over Teflon brake lines are included as well as the proper pads to achieve the correct balance in the system.

The Girodisc system was designed for braking balance to match the OE system, only raising the level of braking torque, thermal capacity and cooling rate equally at each corner.

The Girodisc system will deliver a firm, better modulating pedal and the ability to get through track days without fading out or loosing pedal. The caliper piston sizing was chosen specifically to closely match the OE master cylinder and hydraulics as well as the force balance between front and rear axles.

The best part? The system fits inside the 16" Ferrari 308 wheel - No need to purchase larger wheels.

Additional product benefits of the Girodisc lightweight system include:

Weight Savings: The Girodisc complete front brake system with calipers weighs in at 15.8 lb less than the OE system. The Girodisc front discs are 3.3 lb lighter despite being 36 mm larger. The Wilwood forged aluminum caliper is 4.6 lb lighter than the iron OE caliper. The rear discs are more than 3 lbs lighter than the OE unit, and offer a 36.4% improvement in surface area-to-weight for the rotor over OE. The light weight discs decrease the rotational inertia of the braking system and reduce unsprung mass.

Braking Performance: The front caliper is flow-forged aluminum and was chosen for its light weight and correct piston sizing. It is a proven racing caliper and includes road use dirt seals for the pistons. The rotor is a two-piece design developed in racing to produce a lightweight rotor that can compensate for the different expansion rates between the hat and rotor and eliminate the possibility of rotor warping. The rotor and hat have a floating mount system, which utilizes high strength alloy steel drive pins, which allows for axial and radial float. In order to keep the rotors from making noise when cold, the pins are mounted with anti-noise springs which allow the rotor to grow but eliminate rattle. This float also allows the rotor to self center between the pads. Thirty-two directionally curved vanes in the rotor act as a centrifugal air pump and actively move cooling air through the rotor as it rotates helping to shed heat quickly and reduce brake pad fading. The OE rotor uses restrictive vanes that do not pump air. The OE rotor will run at higher temperatures and develop pad fade sooner. The discs are also slotted, allowing a maximized contact at the interface between pad and disc as the edges of the slots continuously clean and refresh the pad surface.

High Quality Materials: The Girodisc lightweight discs use only the highest quality materials and components. The rotors are high carbon content iron for long wear and stable thermal performance, with zinc plating for corrosion resistance. The top hat section is aircraft 6061 T-6 billet aluminum with a gun-metal color anodized finish. The disc hardware consists of cadmium plated alloy steel drive bushings which take the load from braking actions while maintaining the float between the hat and disc. class 12.9 cap screws with spring washers allow for float under braking while maintaining a rattle-free assembly while cold.

Matching Pad Materials: Girodisc uses a BP-10 front and a Ferodo DS2500 rear pad to keep the braking balance of the car.

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