ETS C8 Corvette Turbo Kit


Turbocharger Selection - Your choice of 1200whp, 1500whp or 2000whp capable turbochargers!

The PT64 option is recommend for 90% of ETS builds where the customer is looking to build the ultimate street car with quick spool and transient response. This kit is capable of right around 700whp on the stock clutches and stock engine and over 1200whp with upgraded clutches, built engine and a fuel system.

The next step up from the PT64 is the PT68, which is recommending for anyone looking making over 1500whp. The PT68 option requires a built engine, upgraded clutches, upgraded fuel system, etc.

The next step up from the PT68 is ETS PT76 option, which is capable of over 2000whp!This kit requires a built engine, built transmission, upgraded clutches, fuel system, etc.

Intercooled vs non-intercooled -We have (2) options available depending on your horsepower goals.

The first option is ETS non-intercooled option. This option is great for customers not wanting to stress their engine and make a bit more power than stock. ETS recommend this option for around 600whp and right around 5-6 psi of boost. The water to air intercooler option can always be added later on if you decide you want to make over 600whp or run more than 5-6 psi.

The second option is ETS water to air intercooler with side heat exchanger. This option is designed to support over 2000whp! This intercooler features (2) water pumps, an ice box, and (2) HUGE 1000whp+ W2A cores. The side heat exchanger is located in the driver side fender opening and includes a shroud that's compatible with the high output factory fan. The integrated ice box is ideal for any 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile racer providing intake air temps below ambient temperature in most cases.

Oil Scavenge Pump -This is the first pump in this field to offer external motor brushes for easy/inexpensive replacement. The custom heat sink allows the entire motor/pump head assembly infinite rotation allowing optimal orientation of the in/out ports, including port functional reversal. This pump was designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme conditions found in any motor vehicle, with a special emphasis on turbocharger oil scavenging applications. Built on extremely rugged spur gear technology, this small-frame 350F continuously rated pump offers aerospace/military-grade quality in a compact/lightweight package.

Waste gates in line with the flow with the very high flow rates of the new billet wheel turbo's, ETS have found the waste gate system must be very efficient, or else boost creep could be induced. As well as keeping run away boost under control, a very efficient waste gate system will allow tuners to start a tune at a much lower boost pressure, ensuring that the whole tuning process is done safely.

Critical Lines Away from heat -All of the Oil/Water lines are routed away from heat, down and around the turbos, instead of over and across the turbos. This will ensure a lifetime service life for these lines, while also lowering the temperatures of the fluids within the lines.

Fully ported at every transition -From the 3-bolt flange to the exhaust flanges and even the PCV barbs in between, ETS pride ourselves on the best craftsmanship and attention to detail in the industry. This means that all flanges are surfaced, all transitions ported, and all pieces are clean. These details may not make any major power differences, but it can be the difference in numbers such as 998 vs 1002whp.

Warranty - (3) Year warranty on all fabricated parts. Manufacturer warranty on turbochargers, waste gates, etc.

Kit Includes

  • Choice of turbochargers.

    • PT64 - 1200whp+
    • PT68 - 1500whp+
    • PT76 - 2000whp+

  • Choice of intercooler options

    • Hot Piped - Low Boost Applications
      • (2) Blow Off Valves
      • Clamps
      • Mounting Hardware

    • Water To Air Intercooler w/ Side Heat Exchanger - Mid to High Boost Applications
      • (2) Blow Off Valves
      • (2) Water Pumps
      • (1) Side Heat Exchanger w/ Fan Shroud
      • Feed and Return Water Lines
      • Clamps
      • Couplers
      • Mounting Hardware.

  • Turbocharger Hot Parts
    • (2) Header To Turbocharger Pipes
    • (2) Dual 3.5" Exhaust System w/ 4.0" Exhaust Tips
    • (2) External Waste gate Dump Tubes
    • (2) 44mm Waste gates
    • Exhaust Gaskets
    • Clamps
    • Mounting Hardware

  • Turbocharger Intake Kit
    • (2) K&N Filters
    • PCV Breather Kit
    • Clamps
  • Turbocharger Oil Feed and Return Kit
    • (2) Oil Feed Fittings
    • (2) Oil Feed Lines
    • (2) Oil Drain Tubes
    • (1) Oil Feed Valve
    • (1) Oil Return Scavenge Pump
    • (1) Oil Return Pump Wiring Harness
    • (1) Oil Return Breather Filter
    • Gaskets
    • Clamps
    • Mounting Hardware


  • First C8 to make over 1000whp.
  • First C8 to run a 9 second 1/4 mile pass.
  • World's highest horsepower C8 - 1038whp.

The above dyno was submitted by ETS friends at Jotech.

  • Red (438whp) - Stock C8 (No Mods)
  • Blue (526whp) - Stock C8 w/ ETS Turbo Kit at 3 psi (ETS Turbo Kit, Stock Engine, Stock Trans, Stock Clutch, No Tuning)
  • Green (603whp) - Stock C8 w/ ETS Turbo Kit at 4.5 psi(ETS Turbo Kit, Stock Engine, Stock Trans, Stock Clutch, No Tuning)

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