ETS 2015+ Subaru WRX BRZ Intake Manifold Cold Side Piping Kit


Extreme Turbo Systems has developed a solution for customers running an ETS 2015+ WRX Intercooler Kit and iBR BRZ Manifold Kit. The BRZ manifold is a much better design than the original WRX manifold. It has larger runners, better flow and can be purchased in black plastic or a wrinkle red aluminum version. One of the big benefits to the BRZ manifold is the port injection provisions along with an already existing aftermarket support for fuel rails, injectors and other accessories.


  • iBR BRZ Manifold Kit
  • BRZ/FRS Intake Manifold
  • ETS 2015+ WRX Intercooler Kit


  • Complete Cold Side Piping From Intercooler To Throttle Body.
    • ETS Wrinkle Black Upper Intercooler Pipe
    • ETS Wrinkle Black Lower Intercooler Pipe
  • All necessary mounting hardware, couplers and clamps needed for install.

Please Note:

  • Piping will touch the under hood liner/padding when the hood is closed due to intake manifold location.

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