ETS 1993-1995 Mazda RX7 Front Mount Intercooler



  • Large 24x9x3.5 Bar and Plate Core (4" available in drop down menus)
  • Eliminates Knock at high boost levels
  • requires removal of bumper support
  • Available in anodized Black, Blue, Gold, and Red.

Installation Details:

  • requires Bumper Support Removal and Core Support Cutting
  • Very Clean Set up

Exterior Appearance Details:

  • Fills Whole Grill with Core
  • Work with USA and JDM fog lights
  • Fills the grill on most aftermarket body kits
  • Killer Look !


The performance of this unit is second to none. ETS developed it on ETS shop car (yellow FD in the pictures) which runs a T66, Haltech and all other supporting mods. When ETS first put the car together it had an Apexi FMIC kit on it ETS saw decent results but the charge air temps would creep up to 140-150 degrees. Slight detonation would occur in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears as observed on the J&S Knock sensor unit. Also because the tanks were wide and the core was small, the coolant temps were regularly over 210 degrees. All of this was with a pump gas tune at 21psi (10.5 AFR - 10 degrees ignition timing). When ETS switched to the kit pictured above the charge air temperatures dropped to 110 degrees and the highest ETS have ever seen is 122 degrees. This reduction in charge air temperature has allowed us to run 23psi regularly on pump gas with no detonation. In addition to the reduced charge air temperatures, the coolant temps dropped to 185-195 degrees and never exceed 200 degrees. All of this is with a stock bumper. ETS have had a handful of customer cars with body kits that see even larger temp reactions. Typical results for a T66 turbo at 20psi is 95-110 degree charge air temperatures and 180-185 degree coolant temperatures. In addition to the low temperatures these kits provide, the ETS intercooler kit completely fills the stock bumper opening with core and body kits much better than any other kits ETS have seen with its ultra wide 30" tank to tank dimension.

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