ETS 03-06 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Quick Spool Turbo Kit


The FASTEST spooling Evo 8/9 turbo kit on the market. ETS match ETS high flowing stock placement single scroll manifold without state of the art dump tubes, 02 housing, downpipe, and IC piping. These heavily developed parts are matched with the newest in water-cooled Garett turbo technology. Run a g25(450+hp), g30(650+hp), or g35(850+hp) to match your power needs.

These turbos are going to spool almost identical to your stock Evo 9 turbos, but are rated to make from 450 to 850+hp depending on your selection. This is the perfect kit for the streetable race car. If you roll race, drag race, autocross, rallycross, or any other form of racing, this kit is perfect for almost all applications.

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