Boost Logic Formula Series Quadzilla Titanium Midpipe Nissan R35 GTR 09+

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Boost Logic Formula Series Quadzilla Titanium Midpipe Nissan R35 GTR 09+

Due to regulations manufacturers are required to comply to, cars get tamed down as they near production. Many owners of the Nissan GT-R feel as if it was lacking in some departments from the factory, especially when it came to the exhaust note and restrictive flow. Rather than sounding like the supercar killer it is, the GTR sounds like an ordinary Nissan V6 from the factory.

With this in mind, Boost Logic launched the Boost Logic Formula Series midpipe for the GTR to truly open up the GT-R’s restrictive exhaust system. They developed their original midpipe design shortly after the release of the GT-R which was extremely popular due to its incredible performance gains. After multiple updated versions, Boost Logic felt as if we needed to give the GTR midpipe a new breath of life. Utilizing their extensive experience with forced induction platforms, they developed the Boost Logic Quadzilla Midpipe as part of our Formula Series Exhaust line-up.

High Strength to Weight Ratio, Incredible Performance Gains Constructed completely of titanium, the benefits of our completely unique Quadzilla Midpipe are clear. Titanium is used in the most demanding engineering applications such as airframe and jet-engine parts. The use of titanium is quite rare in the automobile industry, used only for the most over-engineered, most exclusive parts. Titanium is a material that maintains its rigidity at extreme temperatures (well over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit). As a result, the Boost Logic Formula Series Quadzilla Midpipe has an extremely high strength to weight ratio, boasting much higher durability than a similar steel midpipe while drastically reducing weight. This results in uncompromised rigidity and the ability of the midpipe to hold up to abuse far better than any of its steel counterparts. The result is a perfect midpipe for your unlimited horsepower machine as well as your stock, daily-driven GTR.

Exotic car sound. Higher pitched exhaust note. Immerse yourself into the full-experience. Proven with countless hours of engineering and testing, our Quadzilla midpipe greatly increases horsepower, efficiency, response, and especially improves the exhaust note of your VR38-powered machine. Your GTR’s sound will finally match its bold looks and notorious reputation. The quad tune design further creates a throatier, resonated tone in the lower part of the rev-range and also a higher pitched sound not normally expected from the VR38 at higher revs. This midpipe offers the refined sound of a resonated unit without the restriction. Build quality unmatched in the industry. Marked with our stamp of perfection. The build qualities of all their parts are unparalleled in the industry, rivaling the finish of OEM parts. The performance gains of the Formula Series Quadzilla Midpipe speak for themselves. The unrestrictive design of the Quadzilla midpipe will easily support the increase in horsepower from any future engine modifications down the line.

Boost Logic Quadzilla Midpipe Specifications:

  • 2 x 75mm tubes into 4 x 60mm tubes into 1x 90mm tube
  • Ultra lightweight (3.8 lbs)!
  • Proper merge collector for high flow and zero drone4 Large 2 3/8” primary section pipes for unrestricted exhaust flow
  • Fabricated out of 100% titanium
  • Precision Tig welded
  • Bolts up to the stock downpipes and muffler back exhaust or most aftermarket systems
  • Includes all gaskets and hardware


  • 2009 and newer Nissan R35 GT-R

Fits USDM Models, European and JDM models.

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