AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Front Aero Splitter Set - G80 M3


This is, AutoTecknic's newly released Dry Carbon, Performante, Aero Splitters for the G8X M3/ M4. Designed to, smoothly follow the curvature and fit directly, onto the lower bumper mounting location for a fast and straightforward installation. These dry carbon aero splitters are made with AutoTecknic's signature autoclave technology with pre-preg 3K twill weave carbon fiber and finished off with AutoTecknic's UV-protected high gloss clear-coat for the ultimate light-weight, high-durability, and precise-fitment splitters in the market.

Dry carbon is the highest-quality version of carbon fiber products that are produced. Dry carbon fiber's name also comes from its manufacturing process. Dry carbon fiber is formed by using a "pre-preg" or impregnated piece of carbon materials. This piece of carbon is first placed into a mold and then into a sealed vacuum (autoclave) to cure appropriately. The autoclave vacuuming process of making dry carbon means fewer pinholes and virtually no air pockets in the carbon. This method creates the least amount of waste and forms a lighter version of carbon than the "wet" method.

AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Aero Splitters are both highly visible and highly functional.

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