AMS Performance R35 Race Oil Filter Adapter Plate

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Introducing the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Race Oil Filter Adapter. Our adapter was designed for use in high RPM and high horsepower racing and street applications. Choose the WIX 51060R for Racing Applications, or choose the WIX 57202XP for Street Applications, or choose WIX 57099XP for any application that has an Alpha Cooling Kit.

In our testing of the stock filter in high RPM GT-R engine we were experiencing collapsed oil filter media, ballooned oil filter casings, and no or little filtration due to the bypass valve being open to the increased pressure differential of the oil filter. This was simply unacceptable.

Our high RPM and high horsepower Alpha Performance engine builds use thicker 15w/50 motor oil, and are spinning at 2000 RPM over stock. This required a purpose designed filter for the increased flow and pressure seen in our Alpha applications. Introducing the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Race Oil Filter Adapter. Our adapter was designed for use in high horsepower racing and street applications. It allows for the use of a quality racing oil filter in the stock location to protect your GT-R’s engine even in the harshest conditions.

The filter chosen is designed for racing applications, perfect for high RPM, thicker oil viscosities, and more oil flow. The GT-R performance world can no longer use the factory oil filters for these applications. The oil filter adapter was designed to allow the use of a widely used filter size.

  • Heavy-walled can and cover to withstand the extreme burst pressures (up to 500 psi).
  • High temperature nitrile baseplate gaskets withstand extremely high racing temperatures (up to 300°F).
  • Zinc chromate-plated baseplate provides low surface friction and is corrosion free.
  • Spiral-wound center tube provides increased collapse pressure and enhanced flow pattern.
  • Metal end caps provide element strength and prevent filtering bypass.
  • Individually sealed to protect against contamination by environmental dust or dirt.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Increased Engine Protection
  • Machined out of Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • High Flow Race Oil Filter
  • Increased Oil Capacity

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