AMS Performance Audi R8 / Lamborghini Huracan Suspension System


  • Boutique Jrz Shocks Built To Ams Spec For Unparalleled Performance
  • Ams Spec Eibach Springs And Helper Springs Provide The Perfect Spring Rate
  • Everything Engineered And Included For A Plug And Play Installation
  • Wide Range Of Adjustability To Optimize For Drag, Street, Or Road Course Usage
  • Fits R8 Or Huracan With Or Without Oem Front Suspension Lift System
  • Reduce Or Eliminate Wheel Hop And Tire Spin For Consistently Lower 60″ Times
  • Quicker Elapsed Times In The Quarter Mile, Or Around The Road Course
  • Three-Way Adjustable Controls For Independent High Speed Compression, Shaft Compression, And Rebound Damping (Rear, Two-Way Front)
  • Excellent Ride Quality, Fluid Cooling, And Easy Damping Adjustments With External Reservoirs
  • System Maintains A Softer, More Compliant Ride On The Street
  • Race-Proven On The Alpha Omega Huracan, And Ams R8 Test Vehicles
  • Infinitely Adjustable Ride Height To Optimize Performance Or Aesthetics
  • Vastly Improved High Speed Stability On The Autobahn Or The Race Track

As with many AMS components, our race program paves the way for consumer product development through extensive R&D track testing. The V10 Suspension System is no different, as it is the same suspension found on both our 2300 HP ALPHA OMEGA Huracan, and 1500 HP stock engine AMS R8 builds, both running consistent 7 second quarter mile times. Considering all the advantages this suspension package offers for unparalleled acceleration, most racers would agree, it’s a track upgrade that shouldn’t be overlooked when making higher-than-stock horsepower and torque. However, despite it excelling as a race-ready high performance suspension, the AMS Performance Audi R8 / Lamborghini Huracan Suspension System has unexpectedly enjoyable road manners. Gone are the days of bouncy and overly harsh race suspensions. With the increased oil capacity provided by remote reservoirs, properly spec’d spring rates, and AMS specified “blow-off” valving within the remote reservoirs, we have allowed for a ride quality compliant enough for even the most discerning passengers.

Kit Includes

  • AMS Spec JRZ Shocks
  • AMS Spec Eibach Springs and Helper Springs
  • AMS CNC Billet Remote Reservoir Mounting Brackets
  • AMS CNC Billet Frunk Covers for Reservoir Lines
  • All Necessary Hardware for Installation


  • 2017-Current Audi R8 (Incl. Plus & Performance models) (Spyder fitment not yet confirmed)
  • 2015-Current Lamborghini Huracan (Incl. Performante & Evo models) (Spyder fitment not yet confirmed)

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