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AMS Performance 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35 Alpha Camshafts

Special order, usually ships in 2-3 weeks. However, if the manufacturer has this item in stock we can normally drop ship it directly to you within 3-5 business days. Contact us and we can get you an accurate ETA before placing an order.
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AMS Performance 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35 Alpha Camshafts

The Alpha Series Camshafts for the VR38 are simply the best all-around solution for anyone with an upgraded turbo. After extensive testing, AMS offers a cam design that gives you the best of both worlds; massive power gains spread across a wide power band while maintaining excellent street manners and improved turbo response over the competition.

When AMS set out to create the perfect cam profile for this specific application AMS focused on more than just peak horsepower numbers. AMS concentrated AMS attention on making the most useable power throughout the rev-range without sacrificing driveability that so often plagues cars with large turbos and camshafts. What AMS ended up with exceeded even AMS expectations; AMS found the perfect balance of lift and duration to bring you the best cam choice on the market! The AMS Alpha cams provide you with massive peak and low end power with great spool up characteristics. The perfect combo making your GT-R an unbeatable machine!

The Alpha Camshafts are designed for any Nissan GT-R with upgraded turbos, be it bolt-on or full turbo kit. Power gains can be anywhere from 30-100 horsepower depending on turbo selection and boost levels. Whether you’re driving on the street or track, you can expect excellent response and power throughout the entire rev range! Available exclusively through AMS and its dealer network, the Alpha Series Camshafts offer you optimized performance unmatched by anything on the market!

These are the same camshafts found in AMS own World Record setting, Alpha 12 & Alpha Omega GT-R’s:

  • 8.6 @ 173 mph in the quarter mile (Omega)
  • 3.31 seconds 60-130 mph (Alpha 12)

Exclusive Benefits

  • 30-100 HP gains depending on turbo selection and boost levels
  • Extraordinary power and excellent street manners
  • Unmatched turbo spool up and driveability
  • Proven to perform in World Record holding GT-Rs
  • Manufactured by Tomei exclusively for AMS


  • 2009+ Nissan R35 GT-R with VR38 Engine

Product Notes

  • Upgraded valve springs and retainers are required to run these camshafts.
  • Valve Clearance, set cold at the cam:  Intake 0.30mm, Exhaust 0.33mm

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