Advan Center Cap Low Cap - 63mm

Advan Racing
$56.00 $53.20

These center caps are optional parts due to the fact that most people run the Racing wheels without caps on the circuit. If you have purchased the wheels for road use then these will complete the wheels visually and enhance the appearance further.

These caps are designed to fit Advan Racing wheels.

Center Caps Fitment:

  • Advan 73mm Center Caps: Fits 5x114.3 / 5x120 / and SOME / CERTAIN 5x112 PCD wheels
  • Advan 63mm Center Caps Fits 4x100 / 5x100 / and SOME / CERTAIN 5x112 PCD wheels

Disclaimer: Some 5x112 wheels use 73mm and some use 63mm Center Caps. If you are not sure which size Center Cap to use, please contact us for more information. We will not be responsible for caps that are incorrectly ordered. For 5x112 PCD, center cap size is determined by the Advan Wheel Model and Size Specifications.

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