HRE FT1 Wheel at DSG Performance

One of the goals of Mod Club is for us to bring you our insights on what parts the modding community is picking up and what their experience on them has been. One of the offroad wheels we've been seeing more and more of on our customer trucks is the HRE FT1. We've been getting lots of feedback on these and here's why these deserve a spot on your offroad wishlist. 

One of the key features of the HRE FT1 Offroad Wheels is their unique spoke design. The spokes are designed to provide maximum strength while also reducing weight, making them perfect for off-road vehicles. Additionally, the wheels feature a beadlock option, which allows you to air down your tires for increased traction on the trail without worrying about losing a tire.

HRE FT1 Wheels are TUB & JWL Certified and come with a lifetime warranty and a 3 year finish warranty. 


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