Week of The Wheels Day 5: Enkei RPF1

For the end of your week, we bring you an oldie but a goodie for Day 5 of the DSG Week of the Wheels Series where bring you our favourite wheels each day, for 7 days. Today, we're looking at the RPF1. That's right, Enkei's crown jewel. The RPF1 platform has become synonymous with the word Enkei, namely for it's low cost and incredibly rigid design. 

The RPF1 is the rim that you don't mind beating up at the track. It's the bang for your buck shoe that gives you what you need at one hell of a price. This twin spoke wheel was developed with the same tech as you'd see in F1 which results in better stress dispersion when you take those hard corners or give your brakes a run for their money.

This is as close to a no brainer as it gets gents.

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