Week Of The Wheels Day 2: Weds TC105X

A big part of any build and therefore of DSG, are the right set of wheels. The right set varies with each person and with each build BUT it all starts with making sure they're well built, light and durable and that's what we'll be helping you with this week. For the next 7 days, we'll be naming our favourite wheel from each brand. One a day, all week long. 

For Day 2, we give you the Weds TC105X Wheel. Wedssport happens to be one of our favourite wheel brands. Their wheels, just like the one piece, 10 spoke TC105X use high tech machining processes in order to up performance and design. The TC105X's aluminum structure is tempered using AMF spinning process, with a conical barrel shape which opens the door for a variety of big brake options. 

We also like how many sizes and offsets are available for this week which allows us to set more and more people up with a set.

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