Uh oh, we did a thang! DSG Performance has teamed up with Fortune Auto to develop coilovers for the 2020 Supra. 500 Series Coilovers - Designed for the daily driver, these are the go to for the guys who are looking for adustable coilovers, who want comfort and quality but are not looking to spend too much on the suspension budget. 510 Series Coilovers - The 510 Series coilovers are a track oriented coilover with near unparalleled adjustability. Featuring Fortune Auto's "CFD" Piston Technology, the dampening settings can be adjusted through an extremely wide range allowing for maximum comfort, but also an extremely dialed in race car. DSG Edition Coilovers (Available in 500 & 510 Series) - Our incredibly popular DSG Editions take the 500 or 510 Series coils and turn them up to 11. Featuring all the FA coilover upgrades standard such as Swift Springs, Aluminum Damper Bodies, Rear Adjusters, AMSOil Shock Fluid Oil & Proprietary Valving Profile - the DSG Editions are a beautiful, high quality set of coils. SHOP DSG EDITION COILOVERS

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