Put a world renowned graffiti artist who toured with the clash in one hand and a BMW M2 Competition in the other. Then put your hands together. Liking that image right? Us too. 

Three lucky BMW's are getting the start treatment with a special hand painted design by FUTURA 2000 himself. FUTURA rose to popularity in the 80's and 90's. While everyone else was focusing on lettering, he was pioneering abstract street art. FUTURA had a day job too but it may have been just as cool as his passion. He design album covers and backdrops for none other than the clash. In fact, not only did he tour with them, he would actually perform on stage with them by creating backdrops as they played.


FUTURA takes one of his classic approaches on these M2 Comps by designing what he calls circular saw blade, 3-4 layers thick with sparkling white dots & lightening lines. He takes this approach on the exterior as well as some of the interior components. 

We love seeing brands to this type of thing and honestly, it's not surprise BMW is one of them, you know they're just too cool for school. Extra points for choosing the M2 as the subject!






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