The New RZ-F2 Wheel is an Advan Powerhouse


Advan's new RZ-F2 wheel looks like a similar version to the RZII. Well, on the surface anyway. Actually, it's one of the first times Advan has produced a Forged 1 Piece Wheel with a Full Face Design. 

That's part of what makes the RZ-F2 quite special, its thinner and more straight cut spokes aesthetically differentiates it from its RZII sibling but it's strength and weight functionally set it apart from the RZ family. Unlike Advan's RS-DF & GT wheels, the RZ-F2 has actually forgone the barrel rim design in exchange for a reverse rim which further takes advantage of it's lightweightedness. 

Essentially, you may not be able to fit bigger rotors by grabbing a set of these but you'll feel one hell of a difference to your stock wheels thanks to Advan's priority placed on weight reduction. 

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