The BMW M2 Competition Joins The DSG Line Up

This one's going to require a little back story. So let's start with me, I'm Eran, one of the Founders of DSG Performance and the guy who's blog posts you've been reading. When I was young, I worked in sales at BMW. In fact, I was known as Mr. BMW. While the job itself was fun, it was very meaningful experience for me for one other reason, my love for BMW, more specifically, my love for the M's. 

I'll admit, I'd never driven any of the M's before so I wasn't sure which one I truly loved most. That quickly changed and after having a few of these beasts, my favourite emerged. 

The M2 had everything I wanted in a car. Looks, oh man the looks, power, 2 doors and that raw purist driving feel that I find myself searching for with every new car. To me, the M2 represents everything a coupe was meant to be. Exhilarating, dangerous, inconvenient and bustling with potential. 

I founded DSG 11 years ago and I've been waiting to make this very announcement for that long. I am proud, honoured and excited to announce that the M2 Competition has officially joined the DSG Line up. While I announce this today, we've actually been working on it for over 4 months, combing the industry in true DSG fashion for the unique and talented brands making incredible parts for this incredible car including 3D Design, END.CC, Arqray, Vorsteiner, Wagner Tuning, CSF CoolingWeistec, Dinan and many many more. 

We've got big plans for this car and for BMW as a whole that goes beyond these killer parts. Until then, head to our M2 Competition section and explore. We promise, you won't regret it.

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