Last week, some of Team DSG headed over to DynoDoc to put the Eventuri BMW M2 Competition Intake to the test. We'd heard lots of claims that Eventuri's gain projections have proven to be some of the most accurate BUT no one had done any testing on the M2 Comp, so off we went! The results actually exceeded Eventuri's claims as well as ours!


What's interesting is real gains are actually one of the founding ideals of this intake specialist.

We'll be revealing the dyno log and results in our upcoming video, until then, let's do a quick recap on Eventuri and what makes them so great. 

Eventuri was founded by a team of engineers with a background in aeronautics & tuning. These particular enthusiasts were sick of being disappointed by gains that seldom lived up to the claims of the brand or their expectations. 

Each intake undergoes CFD analysis and is then validated at the prototypes stage through volumetric airflow, intake temp and excessive dynamometer testing. 

Transparency is also a driving force behind these guys. They publish all results and findings to show the public how much thought and testing goes into every intake. 

Lastly, Eventuri has a painstakingly meticulous material selection process. The smallest parts including fasteners and fixings are top of the line quality to ensure the end product is second to none. 

Pretty exciting to see those results now right? Don't worry, stay tuned because the video's coming up fast! 






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