Bushings may not be the most sexy category in the performance spectrum but the engineers at Powerflex take it as seriously as brain surgery. We came across this unique brand when we actually sourced a few things from them for a customer build of ours. The more we dug, the more impressed we were, so, it's now time that we share this excellent brand with you. 

So what does Powerflex do exactly? Well, simply put, they make bushings and they make them magnificently using proprietary technology operated exclusively by engineers. I'm not exaggerating, everyone who works on Powerflex products is an engineer by trade. 

Now considering the nature of a product like bushings, let me just tell you what you need them for. Bushings (when built right) are the answer to poor handling, excessive tire wear and braking instability. They're composed of an advanced version of Polyurethane, produced in house at Powerflex. This advanced form takes this 50 yr old material into the future with added benefits like improved handling, driver feedback, reduced noise and increased longevity compared to your stock bushings. 

Focus up folks this is where things get even more interesting. Powerflex has a lifetime warranty. I don't mean on select products or under certain conditions nestled in the fine print using a 2.5 font size. I'm talking about a no questions asked warranty on every single product under the Powerflex umbrella. More applications are being added weekly so stay tuned but for now, shop our BRZ & STi selection by hitting the link below.

Shop Powerflex For Subaru BRZ & STi

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