"Our name defines our mission, horsepower without compromise. Drivability is never to be compromised for performance." - Boost Logic. Words we can agree on which is why Boost Logic has just joined the DSG Line Up. When it comes to B.L. you can count on phenomenal quality capable of supporting some SERIOUS performance increases.

In fact, the Boost Logic name has been linked to some of the highest horsepower cars in the world. Now, it must have been fate that we got B.L on board now because it turns out, they got their start by building turbo kits for none other than the JZA80 Supra platform. Their products were actually so successful that they are known for having helped boost (pardon the pun) the reputation of the JZA80 in the aftermarket world. 


I know your next question and the answer is absolutely. Boost Logic will be coming out with a cavalcade of performance parts for the A90 Supra as well.

They've also brought their expertise to a slew of other platforms including the R35 GTR building some of the most powerful ones on the planet, boasting 200mph records in the half mile. 

With the introduction of their Type R FK8 Exhaust components and their inevitable release of A90 Supra parts, we at DSG are excited and honoured to be authorized dealers and to be able to offer you yet another unique and phenomenal brand.  

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