A few weeks ago, I get a call from our good friend Erick over at ARK Performance. He tell's me that they're about to come out with a new DT-S Exhaust for none other than the Honda Civic Type R FK8. I knew as soon as the words hit my ears that this would be a big deal for our FK8 community. 

So, the big question, what do we know so far about the latest exhaust to join ARK's DT-S collection. Well, ARK likes to break their DT-S Series into four factors. Materials, Sound, Design and Finish. So from other applications, we can tell you that the T304 Stainless Steel they use is truly fantastic and about as strong as it gets for SS. Sound, I can comment on personally. We have the DT-S exhaust on our BRZ right now and the sound is hands down one my favourite parts about it. It's aggressive, clean and makes a statement even if you're not pushing hard. 


Another thing you'll notice right before the DT-S is installed on your civic is their welding. Truly fantastic displaying super craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Then we get to finish. ARK really excels here with a bright and clean finish as well as the option to go burnt tip if you'd like a little extra flash emanating from the back of your car. 


As far as specs go, Erick was kind enough to give us the important details. Tip size ranges from 4 inches in the center to 4.5 inches for the two outer tips which are dual walled by the way. Horsepower hasn't been released yet but expect at least 10HP gains and funny enough, you actually feel the increase. 

We spoke with ARK to try and provide something interesting and exciting to our Honda community for the big release and as always, ARK was kind enough to oblige. So, for a limited time, you can grab this killer catback for only $1154.99!

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