New 2018 BRZ Joins The DSG Build Family

A few weeks ago, we headed over to our friends at Subaru Montreal and picked up our new 2018 BRZ in Rally Blue. Admittedly, coupes are my jam and I’d been wanting this car for some time but we’ve been busy with so many builds that it started to feel like a distant dream but luckily, we finally picked one up! I’ve been driving this lovely little 2 door since I picked her up and thought, this would be a good time to talk about my first impressions. 

Our BRZ Build Philosophy

The BRZ/FR-S has been a very popular platform and for good reason, the car is kind of begging you to mod it. That being said, we generally see very similar build mentalities throughout the community and for pretty good reason, the BRZ/FR-S is not generally the type of car you drive year round, until I picked one up. 

For this build, we're going to be doing something quite different. Despite the BRZ being a somewhat inconvenient car and despite the fact that we are located in the snow ridden city of Montreal, we're going to make this an all around car that can be driven every day. Built to be Driven, Not Stored. We've recently completed planning for the first phase of the build and have been in talks with a few brands. Now, I can reveal them all yet but I can tell you that Torque Solution is on board for their awesome Short Throw Shifter and ARK Performance is helping us immensely with their DT-S Exhaust System AND Test Pipe. We'll also be throwing on a set of wheels (to be announced) once the snow clears. It's been really awesome having such a great response to our build from the brands that we're the first choice on our list. 

I can wait to show you guys what we have in store but like I mentioned, everything we do will be taking a daily driver in mind. 

Stay tuned for my first impressions on the car before the mods go on next week

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