Killer B Motorsports Joins The DSG Line Up!

If you've been to our site, you've likely noticed a myriad of new brands appearing on our line up. We've been hard at work finding the best and brightest in the industry to make sure you have the best on your car. Our latest additional is perhaps one of the best on that list. They go by the name Killer B Motorsport. If you haven't looked into these guys, trust us, they're worth a peak. 

So, the question is, what makes this Subaru specialist so special? Aside from the fact that their craftsmanship is near unparalleled, they've managed to solve a seemingly perennial problem with EJ25 engines. This solution lies in their best selling product. 

Killer B's Oil Pick Up provides everything the OEM version doesn't. Here's a few problems the what lies in your Subaru right now, the OEM pick up is brazed which inherently results in a very sloppy process but that's not where the real issue lies. The tube is where everything goes downhill. It's skinny & welded at the seam, great on the automaker's pockets but not so much for quality. This causes the structure to weaken and results in cracking. Killer B's Pick Up solves all that with superior welding and materials. 

DSG is VERY excited about Killer B joining the line up. Hit us up today to learn more.

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